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Physics and Astronomy Colloquium Schedule

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FALL 2017 Colloquium Schedule

August 24th - Alex Young (NASA)

A Space Weather Report: Sunny with a Chance of Solar Storms

September 7th - Jens Oberheide (Clemson University)

On terrestrial weather, atmospheric tides and the energy budget of the thermosphere

September 14th - Student Talks

September 21st - Murray Daw (Clemson University)

Physics for Realists: What Is The E-field?

September 28th - Student Talks

October 12th - Sriparna Bhattacharya (Clemson University)


October 19th - Erin Kara (University of Maryland)

Reverberation Mapping the Inner Accretion Flows Around Black Holes

October 26th - Rachel Kuzio de Naray (Georgia State University)

Dark Matter in Spiral Galaxies

November 9th - Greg Gbur (UNC Charlotte)

Optical Vortices

November 16th - Joshua Alper (Clemson University)

Experimental Biophysics

November 30th - Student Talks