Alumni Corner

Lost alumni please email Mike Larsen, and we will get you on the list.

May 2020 Grads

  • Trey Anderson - PhD program at William and Mary for Particle Physics
  • Aidan Blankenship
  • Michael Brandon - Instructing Kitesurfing
  • Katherine Bruce - PhD program in astrophysics
  • Addison Burger
  • Will Ceva - Graduate school in Geneva, Switzerland
  • Quinn Dobson
  • Cameron Green
  • Brdget Ierace - PhD program in physics at City University of New York
  • Marlena Kolesinska
  • Caroline McCoy
  • Blake Mino - PhD program in space physics at University of Alaska-Fairbanks
  • Dereck Morgado - Seasonal job as a port engineer in Alaska
  • Andrew Myers - Graduate school in aeronautics and astronautics at Purdue University
  • Clayton Patton
  • Max Rabe
  • Quinn Williams - Software engineer in Pennsylvania
  • Lucy Williamson 

December 2019 Grads

  • Grant Farmer

May 2019 Grads

  • Rebecca Brnich - PhD in Physics at the University of Alabama
  • Gavin Connors - Mesonet systems meteorologist with Kentucky Mesonet
  • Jason Flagg
  • Trevor Gibbs - Broadcast Meteorologist in WFXG TV in Augusta
  • Mikel Hannah-Harding - Broadcast Meteorologist at WRDW/WAGT News 12/NBC 26 in Augusta, GA
  • Christian Hawkins
  • Vincent James
  • Payden Shaw
  • Patrick Simonson
  • Bailey Williamson

December 2018 Grads

  • Gunther Martin

Summer 2018 Grads

  • Kirsten Broussard

May 2018 Grads

  • Tristan Aft - PhD program in mathematics at Georgia Tech
  • Dave Austin - grad program in physics at UCF
  • Sam Bleser - PhD program in physics at Univ. of Denver
  • Kensley Burriss
  • Manuel Canas - grad school bound
  • McKayla Conahan - MFA program in creative writing at VA Commonwealth Univ. She's a poet.
  • Elyana Crowder- PhD program in physics at Georgia Tech
  • Ryan Evsich
  • Katelynn Huneycutt - PhD program in applied math at Ohio State University
  • Jeremy Jones - working
  • O'Chun Jones - Meteorology officer in USAF
  • Jacob Marke - heading to law school
  • Stanley McAfee - Working in computational image processing
  • Monica Mullis - works at Los Alamos National Lab, dealing with actinide research and medical isotope production
  • Aaron Neuhauser - working towards meteorolgy
  • Linsey Passarella - PhD program in Data Science at Univ. of Tennessee
  • Wendell Roberson - 2nd Lieutenant in the Marine Corps
  • Miranda Roesing - Graduate School at the UNC-Greensboro within Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering
  • Gabrielle Seymore - Medical Physics Residency at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in radiation oncology.
  • Jason Witry - astrophysics and computer science research
  • Lukas Zalesky - Astrophysics PhD Program at the University of Hawaii at Manoa

December 2017 Grads

  • Joseph Snyder - Coast Guard officer

Summer 2017 Grads

  • Daniel Lavanant - passed away spring 2018

May 2017 Grads

  • Eric Davidson - Grad school at Montana State University
  • Sarina Etheridge - Univ. of Utah for PhD in physics
  • Jason Harvey - working at a startup
  • William Hester - Study and travel year, then graduate school
  • Eric Hofesmann - Univ. of Michigan for PhD in computer science
  • Julia Imperatore - Lab manager at MUSC in the Brain Stimulation Lab running studies that administer Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
  • David Melnick - PhD program in astrophysics at Univ. of Denver
  • Ashley Rice - Univ. of Tennessee for PhD in Biomedical Engineering
  • P. Annie Steele - Working... programming
  • A. James Taylor - Medical Research
  • Collin Weiwadel - in IT for Mercedes-Benz

December 2016 Grads

  • Adam Fletcher - USAF Officer
  • Stephen Lesage - PhD program in physics at Univ. Alabama-Huntsville
  • Sarah Strickland - Great job in the defense technology industry

Summer 2016 Grads

  • Canyon Barry - Nuclear Engineering grad school and basketball player at Florida. Then pro basketball in Finland and China.
  • Leisha Lopez-Ortiz - Lab maven for a major international petrochemical company.

May 2016 Grads

  • Gervais Baker - work
  • A. Clay Caulder - Engineer for a turbine company
  • F. Jamie Claire - PhD program at Johns Hopkins
  • Dylan Collier - work
  • Lincoln Fraley - Programming for
  • Isaac Gould - UC-Boulder, materials science and engineering PhD program
  • Danielle Masse - PhD program in engineering at Wright State
  • Ariane McKiernan - Officer in US Army
  • Katelyn O'Dell - PhD program at Colorado State
  • Matt Palumbo - work
  • Carter Rhea - PhD program at Duke
  • Maly Taylor - PhD program at Clemson
  • Joshua Teves - Working at MUSC doing a variety of system administration, analysis, and programming tasks

Dec 2015 Grads

  • Jeff Cousins - Teaching physics
  • Danielle Wilson - MA in education; Teaching high school physics and computer science 

May 2015 Grads

  • Thomas Cannon - Data scientist for One Data Source.
  • Zachary Griggs - Software development
  • Nathan Gunzenhauser - Work
  • Robert Lemasters - PhD program, Emory University
  • Patrick Meyerink - Teaching physics and astro at St. Andrew's school in Florida.
  • Christina Lewandowski Mueller - Work
  • Derek Novo - MS in computer science, Columbia University, now a computer scientist for Adobe
  • Ally Olejar - Aerospace Intern, and looking for MS in Computer Science
  • Alexis Payne - PhD program in Materials Science at NC State, after a stint in optical science at Northrup Grumman.
  • Ryan Michael Sullivan - Work
  • Derek Tuck - Electromagnetics Engineer at Boeing

December 2014 Grads

  • Thomas Briggs - Programmer/Analyst - Boeing
  • Susanna Brylawski - Artist and lamp designer
  • Allen Hill - Grad school
  • Sean Hines - Science teacher at Burke High School
  • Kellen Lawson - Grad school

Summer 2014 Grads

  • Sean Flanagan - Working in industry, chemist and physicist

May 2014 Grads

  • Shikha Chaurasia - PhD program in particle physics
  • Ben Fetterolf - Job, in the theatre world
  • Joerael Harris - Faculty at Trident Technical College
  • Timothy Hayward - PhD program in high energy physics at William and Mary
  • Christopher Hipp - PhD bound
  • Cassidy Jenks - Seminary
  • Shea McSween - Working at a local engineering company.
  • Luther Meyer - working
  • Daniel Morrall - Helps run STM systems at Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Sarah Sharpe - Working in medical programming.
  • Brittany Yeager - Grad school

December 2013 Grads

  • Andy Buchanan - criminal law firm tech guy, and documentary maker.
  • Drew Farr - Made the world a better place.  Passed away spring 2016. 
  • Brock Richard - Technical data analyst in Charlotte.
  • Davy Vanderweyen - In medical school in Canada
  • Houston Waites - Engineer stuff in NC. High pressure die casting of light weight structural parts for automobiles

May 2013 Grads

  • Michael Chute - Engineering department of an international, large-project, construction company.
  • Meagan Collins (Downing) - Physics teacher at Porter-Gaud High School.
  • Kevin Gainey - On the technical staff at General Engineering Labs.
  • Samantha Geltz - Works on the education side of things at the Museum of Flight, in Seattle.
  • Thea Kozakis - Postdoc at Denmark Technical University
  • Matt Marvin - Awesome physics and astronomy teacher at Summerville HS.
  • Hunter Moss - Medical researcher in MRI analysis.
  • Ben Rickman - MS in Nuclear Engineering, working in the nuclear industry.
  • Marco Rodriguez - Software engineer.
  • Laura Stevens - Grad school in geoscience at U. Montana
  • Mark Wells - PhD program in astro at Penn State.
  • Ryan Wilkie - Navy officer.

December 2012 Grads

  • B. Tobin Barrett - IT/Operations manager in California.
  • John Bent - MS  in Computer Sci at Georgia State - image recognition.  Working in Colorado.
  • Jeff Bertel - PhD program in EE at Georgia Tech.
  • Kyle Clayton - Helping Blue Origin build rockets to get us all into space
  • Matt Marvin - Science teacher extraordinaire.

May 2012 Grads

  • Lee Adler - Researcher at MUSC
  • Phil Boehner - PhD program in computational physics at Florida State
  • Clarissa Briner - PhD Program in physics at Univ. Colorado-Boulder.  She likes turbulent combustion.
  • Noah Bullock - MS in nuclear engineering from NC State
  • Anna Gillespie - MAT from GA.  Teaching physics and robotics in GA.
  • Alex Greene - PhD program in applied physics at Mississippi State
  • Bobby Raidt - Medical school at MUSC
  • Jaime Thrift - A teacher
  • Jesica Trucks - PhD program in astrophysics at Univ. of Toledo
  • Dalace Varner - PhD physics program at USC
  • Cassie Wise - Teaches navigation at the Naval Academy
  • Palmer Wong - Officer in the USAF.
  • Andrei Zorilescu - Works for NASA Innovative Partnerships Program Office

December 2011 Grads

  • Nathan Towles - PhD program in planetary science at Johns Hopkins
  • Julia Wilson - Moving on in astrophysics

Summer 2011 Grad

  • Cameron Self - MS in tropical meteorology. Hurricane forecaster in Houston.

May 2011 Grads

  • Michelle Anderson - Work in oncology research
  • Reggie Coleman - Working in the safety industry, overseas.
  • Philip Meyer -  server-side development for a consulting firm.
  • Jonathan Papageorge - MS physics from NC State.  Software dev in Madison, WI.
  • Dave Seamans - Working in high finance for Merril Lynch.
  • Andrew Jarrell Smith - Research in neuroscience, graduate school in mathematics.
  • Conor Smith - PhD program in atmospheric physics at Miami.
  • Alex Verderber - PhD program in biomedical engineering at UNC/NCSU

Dec 2010 Grad

  • Joseph Niehaus, PhD (MTU) - Postdoc at SUNY-Albany with the Atmospheric Sciences Research Center

May 2010 Grads

  • Corey Barton, PhD (FSU) - Geophysical fluid dynamics, Post-Doc at Naval Research Lab.
  • Brittany Bayley - MS physics from Georgia Tech.  Working now.
  • Will DuPre - Grad school and work.
  • Tim Faugl - Working on MS in Nuclear Engineering at NC State.
  • Matthew Fitzgerald - Also an EE, working in defense industry.
  • Christopher Pollanen - Howls at the moon occasionally. Likes computer science too.

December 2009 Grads

  • Timothy Monahan - Grad school in mechanical engineering at Clemson.

Summer 2009 Grads

  • Daniel Johnson - Technical stuff at Boeing.

May 2009 Grads

  • Allie Gatlin - Working for a living.
  • Damien L. Howard - MS in physics from Clemson
  • Scotty Keith - PhD program in math at UNC-CH
  • Robert T. Laquiere - Working at Engineering, now into a PhD program in physics.
  • Fletcher Moore - Medical School at USC.
  • Andrew James Smith - To Clemson for a PhD.
  • Gregory McRae Smith, PhD (Wake Forest) - Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics

December 2008 Grads

  • Frank Grimmer - Software developer in NY.

Summer 2008 Grads

  • Charles Taylor - An officer in the Coast Guard.
  • Melissa Sims - Graduate school at SUNY-Stony Brook doing crystallography and mineral physics.

May 2008 Grads

  • Rebecca Bowers - PhD program at USC.
  • Monica Davis - A research specialist at MUSC.
  • Evgeni "Ioni" Gurovich - In the computer business.
  • Chris Lindner - PhD Program in astrophysics at UT-Austin.
  • Natasha New - PhD program in Biomedical Science at MUSC.
  • Daryl M. Reynolds - Health Physics and Radiation Protection at Vogtle Power Plant
  • Justin Rowland - Discovery Informatics/Physics grad. At NC State for an MS in analytics.
  • Tom Rolfson - MS in Engineering physics from the Univ. of Maine. Consulting firm P.E. environmental engineer
  • Emily Tavrides - MS in Nuclear Engineering from U Texas-Austin. 

December 2007 Grads

  • M. Jason Duty - Grad school.
  • Adam R. Johnson - into engineering.

May 2007 Grads

  • Joe Bramlett - On staff at CofC.
  • Sam Covington - Working.
  • Claire duPont - MS in Meteorology from FIT.  Works for WeatherFLow.
  • Damon Hansen - Univ. of Pittsburgh for PhD in Physics.
  • Geoff Miller - Solar energy large-scale installation projects.  
  • Cassel Sloan - Working at working.
  • Richard Smith - Grad school in physics at Rochester Univ.

December 2006 Grads

  • William Boyd Beasley - Now an engineer.
  • Christian Boutan - PhD, Univ. of Washington. Radiation Detection and Nuclear Sciences - Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • Adam Dean - A systems engineer for Cisco in DC.
  • Joe Noelker - Collects dental impressions from chewing gum underneath tables.

Summer 2006 Grads

  • Jon Hansen - Works at the US Patent and Trademark Office. Specializing in optics.
  • Stephen Hughes - MS Space Science from FIT. Now teaching physics and astro at Greensboro, NC
  • Willie Moultrie - At a company specializing in software and equipment for labs and hospitals.

May 2006 Grads

  • Cyrus Buffum - A waterkeeper - watchdog of our water quality.
  • Josh Fuller, MD - Pediatrician. Medical school at MUSC.
  • Carson Grimes - Relaxes by peeling grapes and eating the skins.
  • Georgette Hachem - Taught at a prestigious language school, then moved to Australia.
  • George "Pat" Kablick - Working on PhD at Maryland after an MS in Meteorology from FSU.
  • Daniel Morrall - An officer in the US Air Force. Then back for an upgrade to a BS in physics (see 2014)
  • Sarah Sonnett, PhD (Hawaii) -   Research Scientist for Planetary Science Institute

December 2005 Grads

  • Jenny Mantini - MS in Meteorology.
  • Brice Orange, PhD (FIT) - OrangeWave Innovative Science.  Award winning teacher and scholar.
  • Darren Pang (JD, Phoenix) - Practicing law in California.

May 2005 Grads

  • Jonathan N. Ard - Went on to Civil Engineering fame via Clemson.
  • Jennifer E. Andrews, PhD (LSU) - Astrophysics Post-Doc at U. Arizona Steward Observatory.
  • Kwayera A. Davis - PhD program in Science Ed. at Univ. of Michigan.
  • John G. Eley, PhD - Assistant professor at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
  • Jacqueline Maurer, PhD (Duke) - Now a medical physicist at Cone Health Cancer Center, in Greensboro.
  • Shane Michael Rupert - an electrical engineer too.
  • Linwood E. Wadsworth - Nuclear Measurement Systems Engineer
  • Kevin Young, PhD (Berkeley) - Senior member of technical staff at Sandia.

December 2004 Grads

  • Mark D. Creech - Grad school in math, and a career.
  • David Scott Draffin, Engineering degree from USC also.
  • James R. Kendall III, Engineering degree from USC also.
  • Tim H. Kent - MS in meteorology from NC State. Forecaster at Surfline.
  • David R. Kuhnell, Engineering degree from Clemson also.
  • Melanie McManus - Having an adventure.
  • Jerry Sattler - Working his way through life.
  • Kimberly Ann Waldeck (Cullen), Engineering degree from USC also.

Summer 2004 Grads

  • Scott Cowen - MS in mechanical engineering, now working.
  • Christopher Scott Farley - Working.
  • Richard L. Guerzon - Looking for meaning.

May 2004 Grads

  • Jay Dandrea - MS in Engineering from Wisconsin, according to rumor.
  • Anwar Ferguson - Working for an engineering firm.
  • Ashley Fields - Graduate school in Meteorology at NC State.
  • Stephen Fuller - PhD program in astrophysics at Clemson.
  • Rebekah Halkyard - PhD program in physics/biophysics at Univ. of Maryland-College Park.
  • Brad Knaus - MS physics from USC, now works for SPAWAR and loves it.
  • George Seago - Commercial and investment property broker.
  • Amanda Sprague (Dyess) - MS in Medical Physics. Clinical medical physicist in New York
  • Stephanie Tully, PhD (LA Tech) - College administrator.
  • George Walker - Renaissance man.
  • Mark Walsh - Meteorologist in Antarctica! Really.

December 2003 Grads

  • Lucas Lindsay, PhD (Boston College) - At Oak Ridge National Lab, after a NRC Fellowship at the Naval Research Laboratory.
  • Kelly Settle (Hall) - Health Physicist at Roper Hospital.

Summer 2003 Grads

  • James Fernandez - A building truss engineer now.

May 2003 Grads

  • Kinsey Boehl - MS in Health Physics, U. Mass-Lowell. Working at nuclear plant in NH.
  • Tabetha Boyajian, PhD (Georgia State) - Faculty at LSU.  Famous for "Tabby's star."
  • Shayna Brisacher - Weather Woman and Superhero.
  • Will Bulkley - Philospher-Scientist.
  • Brad Burns, PhD (Georgetown) - Working in industry.
  • Thomas Cordella - MS in EE from Clemson, now working in aerospace industry.
  • Nghi Pelle Duong, an engineer via Virginia Polytech
  • Tucker Freismuth - MS in astronomy.  Navy oceanographer.  PhD program in oceanography, Naval Postgraduate School.
  • Chris Garrick - MBA from the Moore School of Business.  Now a captain of industry.
  • Kellie Harper - Wants to take a bus tour of Estonia.
  • Nick Holdgate, MD (MUSC) - Rheumatologist in NC.
  • Jeremy Johnson - Grad school at USC, and political power expert.
  • Joe Meiring, PhD (USC) - Now a Post-Doc at U. Mass-Amherst
  • Ebony Middleton - is now an engineer.
  • Michael Paolone, PhD (USC) - Research faculty at Temple.  Likes light vector mesons.
  • Jean Rockford (Aguilar-Valdez), PhD (UNC-Greensboro) - Faculty in education at Portland State University.
  • Shaun Wood, PhD (Penn State) - Working.

December 2002 Grads

  • D. Keller Allen - In Massachusetts, being a daddy and physics guy.
  • Soumya Dasgupta - BS/MS in EE from Clemson, working on MS in Comp. Sci at Johns Hopkins. Works at US Patent and Trademark Office.
  • Patricia A. Findley - An engineer.
  • Brian Plaisance - An engineer somewhere in Georgia we think.
  • Russ Ross, PhD (Georgetown) - Now what?
  • Ashley Zellner

Summer 2002 Grads

  • Greg X - In Atlanta, doing something useful.
  • Michael Miller - An engineer

May 2002 Grads

  • Chris Garrick - Quality Engineer for Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Americas
  • Nadia Craig (Kellam), PhD (USC) - Assoc. Professor of Engineering, Arizona State University, and a very good skydiver.
  • Matt Thompson - MS, Physics and Engineering teacher and Asst. Principal at Union County High School in Union, SC.

December 2001 Grads

  • Michael Carnohan - Information architect in San Diego. Should be kept away from heavy machinery.
  • Emanual Allen Duncan - a truly fine engineer.
  • Alex Mazingue - MS in CS from Georgia Tech. Don't underestimate him.
  • Shay Holmes (Strong), PhD (UT-Austin) - Director of Machine Learning and Data Science at EagleView in Seattle
  • Cynthia Ouzts - Finished an MS at Clemson, and off teaching science to impressionable young minds.

Summer 2001 Grads

  • Danielle Timmons - Cancer research at Hollings Cancer Center, MUSC.
  • Mary Ellen Bolin - Has a hidden agenda.

May 2001 Grads

  • Jeffrey Arnold, MD - Surgical Pathologist/Cytopathologist at Tufts Medical Center in Boston.
  • Dwayne Donnell Brown - Has a heart as big as a house
  • Adrian Corman, PhD (U. MO)- Programming in Boston, and liking it.
  • Rhonda Crawley (Hunter) - Associate Scientist at NOAA Coastal Services Center.
  • Wayne Cuvin - An RF engineer in Atlanta.
  • Stephen Fernandez - Professional safety guy.
  • Trey Howdy - Quiet, and built to stay that way.
  • Adam Krause, PhD (U. Tenn) - Physicist and aerospace engineer.
  • Stephen Long - Great with a lawn mower I hear, and a big hitter in the lottery.
  • Richard R. Martin

December 2000 Grads

  • Theresa Brinsa - Researcher and Perfusionist at MUSC.
  • Janet Johnson - Working at Scienctific Research Corporation.
  • John Kiser- 
  • Carolyn Olivia Minyard (Brakenbury) - Working as a landscape designer/horticulturist
  • Tyler Rentz - Cardiac research at Vanderbilt Medical Center.
  • Jonathan Saleeby - U. Mass Medical School Radiation Oncology Instructor.
  • Chris Sonekan - MS in Environmental Studies grad (physics track). In PhD program at Queen's University, Canada.

Summer 2000 Grads

  • Jason Duncan - Great football player (that's soccer for you Americans).
  • Andy Hollis - Air quality work for DHEC.
  • David Murfin (MS applied physics, UCSD) - Works for NOAA on underwater robots.

May 2000 Grads

  • Brian A. Bendt
  • Chris Carter - Physics education is his bag.
  • Jessica Chenault (Whitehead), North Carolina's Chief Resilience Officer
  • R. Erik DeSimone, PhD (ASU) - Working for Army as an imaery scientist; running ground truth test of national remote sensing platforms
  • Ellis, Joseph E. - Electronics Engineer for BMW.
  • Glenn Fallucca - Living large in the business world.
  • Andrea Gerken - Works for pharmaceutical giant Novartis and loves it. Lots of international travel.
  • Vladimir Henderson-Suite -  Medical Physicist back home in Trinidad and Tobago at the National Radiotherapy Centre
  • Kat Holtz (Low) - MS in science education. Teacher.
  • William Joshua Kennedy, PhD(Utah) - At the Air Force Research Laboratory.
  • Nicole Levi(-Polyachenko), PhD (Wake Forest) - Now a Post-Doc in the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Wake Forest.
  • M. J. "Marty" McGee - An engineer, a very good one.
  • Mechum Purnell, Ed.D. (UCLA) - Teaching at embassy school in New Delhi. Also taught in Thailand, Bolivia, and South Korea.
  • Lori Sanfratello, PhD (UNM) - (Pseudo-grad) MRI guru.
  • John M. Tramel - Career with GE.
  • Julie Ward (Gostic), PhD (UNLV) - Forensic radiochemistry, Lawrence Livermore National Lab.
  • Michael Woehrman - Navy officer.  Working on MS in Physics at the Naval Postgraduate School.

Dec 1999 Grads

  • Carrie Halkyard - Working in New Hampshire.
  • Amy Houck (Maslowski), PhD - Health Physics at Lawrence Livermore
  • Megan E. Kasprak
  • Melissa J. Marino

Summer 1999 Grads

  • Erin Glenn (Barrett) - MS in Curricuum and Instruction from the Univ. of Denver. National board certified teacher.
  • Natalie Weltz (Wiggins) - Teaching at the Neuse Charter School in NC.

May 1999 Grads

  • Joey H. Foxhall, JD. An attorney in Charlotte.
  • Jennifer Lockman - In the arts marketing business.
  • Dina C. McMahon
  • Andrew G. Miller - Doing who knows what, who knows where.
  • Tamara N. Moore
  • David Ward, PhD (MIT) - Post-Doc at Harvard. Now in business.

Dec 1998 Grads

  • Joanne Baylis (Scanlon), PhD (U. Va) - Technical Analyst, Skeo Solutions
  • Chris Brown, PhD (NC State) - PhD in physics, now working on an MBA at Harvard Business School.
  • William Bryce Donovan - Working in tech consultant industry.
  • Frances Halter (Cashman) - Getting a PhD in astro at USC, after a stint as a teacher.
  • John Zullo - Medical Physics consultant for Advanced Radiation Physics Services, Inc. in Texas.

Summer 1998 Grads

  • Dirk A. Aurin, PhD (U Conn) Physical Oceanographer, Post-Doc at NASA-GSFC.

May 1998 Grads

  • Charles L. Adkins
  • Jeffrey Scott Blair - Working for Ford Motor Company
  • Charlie Cockcroft Masters in Environmental Science.
  • Hannes Greim - Now at ATD, formerly at NASA. His home page.
  • Tiffany Hays - Teaching chemistry and environment at the Baldwin School,
  • Sharon Johnson - The happiest smile in the world. Passed away summer 2005.
  • Jennifer Jordan (Lewey) - MSN - FNP at MUSC.
  • Christopher Loonam
  • Debra Bowen (fka Debra Seyle) - IT professional.
  • Rob Smith - in NC working on computer science stuff.

December 1997 Grads

  • Stephen J. Dixon
  • Emmanuel C. Sayoc
  • Christie W. Taylor

Summer 1997 Grads

  • Mike McLaughlin - MS physics.  Hockey fan.

May 1997 Grads

  • Juan Anthony Brown, PhD (George Mason Univ.) - Lives in Manhattan, works on Wall St. doing computational analysis of securities.
  • Ronald K. Harris
  • Josh Kohut, PhD (Rutgers) - A Physical Oceanographer at Rutgers University.
  • Daniel B. Martin
  • Marcel Prevuznak - software guru for Quant Systems
  • Steve Saleeby - Research Associate in Atmospheric Science at Colorado State University.
  • Matthew B. Stovall
  • Jamie V. Walters

December 1996 Grads

  • Eric Alan Wood

Summer 1996 Grads

  • Jesse C. Rowe
  • Joshua Spruill - Loved by many. Passed away in early 2008.

May 1996 Grads

  • Allan B. Espano
  • Susan E. Fletcher
  • Steven Lindauer II, Laser Photonics Academy teacher at Wekiva High School.  Awesome program.
  • David A. Pelkey, Chair of math department at Fort Dorchester High School
  • Christopher Petrusak
  • Thomas M. Riegler
  • Marcia Smoak (Yochum) - Dean, robotics advisor, and teacher at Virginia Episcopal School.
  • Michael C. Stone

December 1995 Grads

  • Tracy E. Cooperman - Teaching school, maybe in Beaufort.

May 1995 Grads

  • Juanita Rose Forsythe (Barker), Living in northern Georgia.  The good life.
  • Kevin Chung-Ping Kan - An electrical engineer, but don't let him touch the equipment
  • Carolyn Ryan (Wiest) - Returned from blissful life in Sicily.
  • Luba Sengova (Ibrahim) - MS in math. Tenured Math faculty at Georgia Highlands College.

May 1994 Grads

  • Dooley Rick Camus
  • Michael W. Cato
  • Angela Chapman - Teaching in the Charleston area.
  • John Hammond - Somewhere in Seattle, but heading to landscape architecture school
  • Steven Jacobson, PhD (Vanderbilt), supports research for NASA IR remote sensing satellite missions.
  • Kevin Stevens, PhD (West Virginia). MBA too. General Manager for Northrop Grumman SYNOPTICS
  • Hank Yochum, PhD (Wake Forest), Associate Professor at Sweet Briar College

Dec 1993 Grads

  • R. P. Wagner

Summer 1993 Grads

  • Kimberly D. Lahan

May 1993 Grads

  • Leah Terry Biorn, works in Social Security Disability Determination.
  • Jason Brasseur, PhD (Montana State) - Big laser gun at Bridger Photonics
  • Jon B. Paulikonis, project manager for the Navy.
  • Georgia Richardson, PhD (Alabama-Huntsville), Likes gamma rays a lot.
  • William Ted Schaeffer - Working for the US Department of State in Northern Virginia
  • Christina Stefanou
  • Arnold Tharrington, PhD (Pittsburgh) - Researcher at Oak Ridge National Labs.

December 1992 Grads

  • Kathleen L. Connor - aka Naala Brewer. Math lecturer at Arizona State Univ.
  • Susan P. Lawrimore
  • Kael Martin, Physics Teacher, Porter Gaud School

Summer 1992 Grads

  • Gregory J. Atkins
  • James Dennis Elliott
  • David Clifton Johnson
  • Jonathan C. Rotter, lawyer with The Nature Conservancy.

May 1992 Grads

  • Robert D. Coxwell
  • Kimberly J. Deal, a programmer, but she'd have to kill us if she told us the details.
  • Peggy A. Hines
  • Angela Kubinec, science education is her bag.
  • Amy K. Threatt

December 1991 Grads

  • Salah Ezzaoudi
  • Frances Leola Keels
  • Clark R. Whiting

May 1991 Grads

  • Ernest A. Bell
  • Beth DePass - Senior Software Engineer at Raytheon BBN.
  • Michael D. Orcutt

December 1990 Grads

  • Stephen A. McColl
  • Malcolm Dennis Knight

May 1990 Grads

  • Andre M. Hedrick, linux hard drive guru and occasional astronomer.  Passed away 2012.

More Distant Past Grads - Incomplete listing

1989 Grads

  • William Thomas "Tom" Bridgman, PhD (Clemson) - Data visualization at NASA/Goddard.
  • Paul J. Campbell - Strategic Planning and Business Assessment Officer for Naval Facilities Engineering Command - Southern Division
  • Linda R. Jones, PhD (Illinois Institute of Technology) - on the faculty at a prominent undergraduate college.
  • Carl H. Rourk III, somewhere, doing something.
  • Melissa E. Schraibman (Michels) - Law school at U. Wisconsin. Now a legal advisor to the US Embassy, Tirana, Albania.
  • Tom Tucker - Chemical Engineer, head of Kinergetics, engineering consulting in energy efficiency.

1988 Grads

  • Christopher L. Able
  • Timothy R. Fulford - Dean, Engineering and Construction, Trident Technical College

1987 Grads

  • Ralph Alan Johnson
  • Michael Toshi Francisco
  • Brian Mielke - In Utah, a senior software engineer. Life is good.

1986 Grads

  • John P. Bryan, Jr., a lawyer, and other things too.
  • Barry Coyle. PhD, works at NASA - another laser guy.
  • Thomas F. Drake, VA Dept. of Environmental Quality - Air Quality Assessment
  • William David Lee, working at NIST in Boulder, polishes mirrors to insanely tight specs.
  • Estelle Westbury (Paus), (MS in CSci from George Mason Univ.) Now a software engineer.
  • Timothy W. Smith, (MS in Health Physics from UNLV). Works at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Twin brother of...
  • James A. Smith, Jr. (MS in physics from American Univ.) Nuclear Engineer with the NRC.
  • Sandra E. Stroble (uncertain grad date)
  • Christoph A. Vogel, Ph.D (Atmospheric Science, Georgia Tech), NOAA Atmospheric Turbulence and Diffusion Division.

1985 Grads

  • Carl McGartlin, a mechanical engineer too, for Spirax-Sarco.

1984 Grads

  • David T. Bolvin, NASA meteorology guy.
  • Mary Ruth Craven
  • Newton Lindy Sims, Jr.

1983 Grads

  • Gregory Wendell Adams
  • Kevin Michael Bourque - IT guy at Ashley Hall school
  • Cassandra "Sandy" Bullock - Math teacher at West Ashley HS.
  • Marco Antonio Demaria
  • Wanda Alease Frazier
  • Douglas Ray Holmes
  • Gregory Frank Martin
  • Jeremy J. Rentschlar - Captain at Delta Airlines

1982 Grads

  • Carol Lucy Byars
  • Leah Ann Crout
  • Donald Eugene Gould
  • Andrew Lisicki
  • Saeid Reze Rismani
  • John Patrick Schumacher

1981 Grads

  • Ali Baradar
  • Bennett Copeland, PhD
  • Richard Dean Davis
  • Gregory Scott Holliday
  • Arnold E. Murdock
  • Michael Allen Todd - Works at Hill-Rom.
  • Dee Smith - Senior Software Engineer at ICF International

1980 Grads

  • Arthus Gary Beall
  • Thomas Kelecy, PhD - Works on astrodynamics and orbit determination for Boeing.

1979 Grads

  • Ryan Droste, PhD (Johns Hopkins) - Finest physicist at Trident Tech.
  • Catherine Stratton Godfrey - National Climatic Data Center
  • Kevin Joseph O'Leary
  • Pamela Polk (Droste), Registrar at Trident Technical College.
  • Michael Wolgroch

1978 Grads

  • Addison H. DeBoi - Designs hydroelectrical generation systems for the Army Corps of Engineers.
  • Douglas S. Huneycutt
  • Thomas C. Laquiere

1977 Grads

  • Godfrey John Fies, a yachtsman.
  • Stephen Elliott Gonzales
  • Jeffery Alan Lucas
  • Sedgwick Lewis Simons, PhD, Rice University, Space Science

1976 Grads

  • Donald Allen Ferrett

1974 Grads

  • Andrew Hemphill, Wood products for Weyerhaeuser Company.

1973 Grads

  • Thomas N. Lovern, PhD. Works for Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), in Huntsville, AL.

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