Student Opportunities

Once you’ve declared your major, it’s important that you establish regular contact with your advisor, your professors, and with the department office staff. They can be tremendous resources for you and help you maximize your college experience. You must speak with your advisor in order to get the registration hold removed each semester. The department Handbook is a valuable resource that helps you become an informed guide to your own success in the program.

Research opportunities in the department abound. Get to know who is working on what, talk with students and faculty, and find something that excites you. Many students have paid research positions in the summer. We also encourage you to consider applying for external summer research under the auspices of the National Science Foundation, as described on the research page.

Internships are available to our majors also. Details are available in our Handbook.

Part-time jobs are often available in the department. Both astronomy and physics lab assistants are usually needed during the year. If you are interested, contact the astronomy lab manager, Chris True, or the physics lab manager, Kat Low.

Ultimately we want to facilitate your goals.  We want to help you get a job or further your education in graduate or professional school.