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We offer degree programs in physics, astronomy, and meteorology, but there lots of details and options to choose from.

Our students find inspiration everywhere, from nano-rods to binary stars and from coastal sea breezes to neuron simulation. They become confident, innovative thinkers, well prepared for success, whether they seek immediate employment or further education in graduate or professional school.  A job, graduate school, or medical school?  We prepare you for these or other options. We provide you with extensive academic preparation, help and advice on getting in to graduate or professional school or applying for jobs.


Secondary Ed. Cognate

Concentrations in
Energy Production (BA) (BS)
Computational Neuroscience (BA) (BS)

Minors in
Biomedical Physics


BA Astronomy
BS Astrophysics

Minor in




BA Meteorology

Concentrations in
Operational Meteorology
Atmospheric Physics

Certificate in
Broadcast Meteorology
Consulting Meteorology

Minor in

Department Contacts

  • Prospective Physics Majors Contact:  Mike Larsen
  • Prospective Astronomy and Astrophysics Majors Contact: George Chartas 
  • Prospective Meteorology Students Contact: Lee Lindner
  • Prospective Biophysics, Biomedical Physics, and Pre-Med Students Contact: Sorinel Adrian Oprisan 
  • Prospective Energy Production Concentration Students Contact: Alem Teklu
  • Prospective Computational Neuroscience Concentration Students Contact: Sorinel Adrian Oprisan 
  • Prospective Secondary Education Physics Cognates  Contact: Ana Oprisan


A compact and portable source of information about majors, minors, concentrations, procedures, opportunities, and many other aspects of the department is our Handbook (pdf).  

Managing your Majors, Minors, and Concentrations

To add or delete a major, minor, concentration or other aspect of your studies, go to the Program of Study Management system POSM.